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June 16, 2017
The Final Verdict – Invisable Braces at Ewan Bramley Dental
April 10, 2018
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Perfectionists. We all know one, and at times we might even be one ourselves. Though they can be irritating to live with; my poor husband has been known to spend a whole weekend decorating one room only to have it shot down in a second when old hawk eyes here hones in on an innocent civilian dribbling down the skirting board! I however like to see it as a positive, someone who wont settle for anything less than perfect will always do an amazing job no matter how long it takes. And that is exactly the kind of dentist I wanted when I went to Ewan Bramley Dental Care for my clear braces back in late 2016.

Looking at pictures from less than a year ago when I would cringe at how prominent one snaggley tooth was! Deleting a hundred photos for every one which was even semi Instagram worthy – as believe it or not there are things that not even gold butterflies and a flower crown can’t filter out! Now, it’s been just over six months since I started on this journey, down the crooked mile to a happy smile – and I’m finally on the home stretch! I cant believe the difference in not only how amazing my teeth look but also how a change like this can give such a confidence boost.

Admittedly, I am possibly the least photogenic person on a selfie that has ever picked up a camera – which is why I will most likely never be “insta famous” or be seen promoting charcoal toothpaste, but hey ho, on with life! In my feeble attempt at documenting the progress these images were taken (from left to right) in  January 2017 – March 2017 – June 2017. By zooming in the wonkiness will be much more visible but you do so at your own risk – we will not be held liable for any cracked screens!

Though the process hasn’t all been straight forward. When initially having your 3D scans done (instead of those awful rubber impressions that dentists used to take!) these are used to predict and map out how to get your teeth from their current state to the most desirable positioning, and the clear retainers are then moulded using these predictions of movement. So some teeth might need moving left, moving right, pulling down, rotating – its only when you really look closely you appreciate how much intricately detailed work is involved in this process. From week to week the movement through the braces might only be a fraction of a millimetre but it makes a huge difference aesthetically. As my final brace instalment approached I noticed there was a tiny gap in the brace where a couple of my teeth weren’t completely filling. I suspect they hadn’t quite moved far enough on one of the earlier weeks so it was only when I moved onto the final brace that it became more apparent. I wasn’t worried in the slightest – my teeth are a 1000% improvement on how they were only a few months ago and I am over the moon with them, but being perfectionists at Ewan Bramley they weren’t so at my next check up I had a whole new 3D scan and set of braces made like it was no trouble at all! This is just one of the reasons why I cant recommend the practice enough; the attention to detail and the level of customer service is second to none, and if the teeth aren’t Hollywood smile then they wont get out the door!

Interested in clear braces yourself? Check out my earlier posts about the consultation and my first weeks wearing them.

It’s true that smiling is infectious so I’m taking every opportunity to show mine off! Spreading the smiles all round!



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