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So 5 years ago today I was sat in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, stuffed full of posh French cuisine and watching the iconic Bellagio Hotel’s water fountains dancing in time to the music. It was amazing, beautiful, and is literally one of my most favourite places I’ve ever been. My then “boyfriend” took his hand awkwardly out of his pocket, mumbled those words every girl has been dreaming of hearing “will you marry me?” and launched a diamond ring across the table at me like it was a grenade. Luckily for him – it didn’t blow up in his face! I took pity on his shy attempts at romance, and we spent the night laughing at his tales of all the times he had been trying to propose that week, carrying the ring around in his pocket for the preceding 6 days just in case we stumbled upon the “perfect spot”; the helicopter into the Grand Canyon was a fail as we weren’t alone, the queue to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower was too long so we’d given up, and thank god he’d thought against doing it in Hooters over a hot dog!

I’m writing this smiling and chuckling away to myself at all the amazing memories from that trip. We girls all watch far too many romantic Hollywood films and build up an idea in our heads of what the perfect proposal will be like, dream of it all our young lives then when it does happen it’s a million miles from any elaborate Hollywood script but so sweet and personal to you and your partner that the effort they have gone to melts your heart and its just perfect anyway. I love hearing stories from my brides about how they met their other halves and how they popped the question, and I love seeing how unknowingly their faces light up when they are retelling the stories.

The engagement sparks the start of the wedding planning process, well publicly! We all have a friend who has been meticulously planning their day in secret for possibly longer than they have known the groom but this proposal is the official acknowledgement that they can openly go all out without the worry of being that crazy girl who scared her boyfriend away (cue Rachel from friends opening the door in wedding dress “I do…….!”)

This is the exciting time. The big day is just that, one day, but the planning can go on for months or even years so why not overindulge in being the “bride to be” and make a date of every wedding fair, open day, tasting session, and that’s before the hen parties, afternoon teas, spa days, dress fittings, the list goes on. After all, were only doing it once – well fingers crossed!

My friend has recently become engaged and although the big day is not until 2019 I’ve already been excitedly spamming her with details of every fair and event going on over the summer, so I thought why not share this valuable information with the world! I’m unfortunately not exhibiting at any fairs this year as I have a little bundle of joy due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, but here is a list of the all the events coming up that I wished I could be at! I will update and share this list as and when I see more advertised…

Monday May 29th 2017: Ramside Hall Wedding Showcase

Sunday June 4th 2017: Rockcliffe Hall Wedding Wonderland Luxury Bridal Show

Sunday June 11th 2017: Woodhill Hall Wedding Open Day

Sunday June 11th 2017: Le Petite Chateau Wedding Open Day

Sunday June 25th 2017: Shotton Grange Wedding Open Day

Thursday June 29th 2017: Vermont Wedding Open Evening

Friday July 21st 2017: Northside Farm Wedding Open Evening

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