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March 8, 2017
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March 27, 2017
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Following on from my somewhat lengthy post on creating a flawless complexion you may well be relieved to see this one is fairly short and to the point! The topic of this post, the key to really giving a radiant wedding day glow is all in the perfectly applied top coat of colour. We’ve all seen some horrendously garish contour jobs over recent time, and though this might be bang on fleek with six thousand insta filters over the top or in the dark corners of a night club, it’s doesn’t scream ‘natural beauty’ on your wedding day! Think less is more, subtle tones that enhance your natural face shape and textures that polish up as opposed to painting on!

Bronzer is a total marmite product; for some clients who would not leave the house without a thorough dusting while others terrified of resembling an umpa lumpa! What it is excellent for when used in moderation, is starting to add shape to the face and visually gives a much more natural finish than one which is a blanket foundation colour. There are 2 types of bronzer I use; in powder or liquid form. The staple skin product I always carry in my kit is the Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer; totally brilliant and totally not what I was expecting when it was pitched to me at the beauty counter. Absolutely perfect for a dewy and very natural warmth as the glimmering golden liquid just buffs over and melts into the skin so seamlessly, it really is beautiful and perfect for fair to medium skin tones. If you can imagine the parts of your face which tan (or burn in my case) these are where you should dust over the bronzer; cheekbones, up over top of forehead, down bridge of nose etc so in other words the highest points of your face which usually catch the sun first. Bronzer is also great for blending down the neck, which as is always in the shade tends to be one of the paler parts of the body. Unfortunately this particular product is only produced in one shade at present and doesn’t show up well if you have a decent tan, but there are plenty of excellent more traditional powder bronzers available on the market, one of my favourites being the Topshop Bronzer which comes in various shades and is a bargain at only a£9. When shopping for bronzers, opt for a colour which is more matte as opposed to a shimmery to give a believable colour but don’t worry; there’s a time and a place for shimmer and its coming right up!

Highlight! Who said diamonds are a girls best friend; it’s only everything that sparkles! My favourite highlighters are a pale pink or light gold shimmer powder which instantly radiates the complexion. In the correct shade you can apply it as much or as little as you like over the top of the cheeks, up the temple and arch of the brow which acts as an instant facelift and brings out those cheekbones you didn’t know you had. It can also be applied a little over the centre of nose and top of cupids bow on the top lip to help give the illusion of cute button noses and luscious full lips. Illamasqua do an amazing Beyond Powder golden highlighter which is just stunning over a tan, and Laura Mercier Face Illuminator is so subtle and pretty it brings fairer toned skin to life.

Contour sparingly! In the unforgiving light of day no bride wants dirty brown smears down the side of the their face, with so many more challenges than with editorial makeup on the wedding day it’s not enough to just look great on camera – it has to look great in real life too! The most common mistake made when contouring is product placement. The aim is to enhance the shadow created underneath your cheekbone to make it appear more defined. I can guarantee that everyone has cheekbones, even if you cant see them particularly chiselled doesn’t mean you don’t have them. You’ll be able to feel them just near the top of your eye and swooping down towards the tip of you nose. Feel for it then shadow underneath, just about half way in until lining up with your eyes. For the best results go slowly and subtley so it can be built upon. What to use? I love a powder to contour with, kits with various different shades are available from most high street brands or you can pick up a taupe shade of matte blusher from the beauty counters which will be perfect . Unsure which? Just ask and they’ll match up a shade of the perfect depth to suit!

Blusher, the old favourite! Disguard that stash of vibrant blushers which are probarbly older than the relationship between you and your fiancé and treat yourself to the perfect bridal blush. Something a little warm and iridescent; a coraly pink or golden peach are always a hit with my clients as they blend in radiantly with the highlighter. Blush goes over the apples of your cheeks towards your cheekbones – just smile! MAC Mineralise blushers are gorgeous for bridal makeup and I love matching the blush colour with the lipstick to bring it all together.

Here’s a tip for if you go wrong or too heavy – have your foundation brush to hand to go over and ‘burry’ the mistake, to quickly tone it down!

Next up…eye’s, the window to the soul. I wont lie, it might be a soul destroying long read 🙂


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